Cobweb ist eine Installation von Yara Semmler, die sie während ihres Auslandssemesters in Budapest realisiert hat. Yara über ihr Projekt »Cobweb«:

“Budapest has a lot to show to its visitors. An average tourist will never stay long at one place for this reason. The history and architecture have been there for decades but people never seem to take the time to sit down and really appreciate the surroundings. My challenge is to stop this stream and introduce a break so that these people can wonder about something apart from the usual. It gives an opportunity to let people find a reason behind just looking at things.
A nice comparison to this situation is when people are busy in their daily lives. It happens sometimes that you stop for something simple like a cobweb. A very complicated creation for a small animal like a spider. It often stops people and makes them appreciate this creation. It not only catches flies, but it also catches looks. This effect is exactly what is needed to achieve this challenge for the tourists of Budapest. The walk along the river gives a very nice atmosphere and guides the tourists towards the bridge. The cobweb should not be noticable from too far away, but should catch the visitors on a later moment.
About 750 meters of fine cotton thread was used in this artwork and it took about five hours to realize.”

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